A Message from David Miller

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Welcome to my website. My name is David Miller and I am seeking your vote to be the next Comptroller of the State of Illinois.  The Comptroller is Illinois’ Chief Fiscal Officer, responsible for paying our state’s bills.

I’m sick of the politics of the past — enough is enough. As Comptroller, I will bring an end to budget gimmicks and pay-to-play politics, and move Illinois forward.

I’m a husband, a father and a dentist — not a career politician. As a small business owner, I know how to spend within my means. I hope you will take some time to get to know me, learn about the issues,  get involved with the campaign and contribute to our efforts. Thank you for your interest in the upcoming election!


Torch Light Rally TONIGHT

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Join David and the statewide ticket tonight (Monday the 1st) for a get out the vote torch light rally at 8:00pm at 676 N. LaSalle Drive in Chicago. Dress warm.


Call for Volunteers

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LAST CALL: We need volunteers to help us organize tomorrow. Please call (708) 849-7372 or email us at info@davidmillerillinois.com. Thank you for your help.


David and President Obama

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Thank you to all of our volunteers who joined us at the rally with President Barack Obama yesterday.


Chicago Sun-Times

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David in the Chicago Sun-Times today:

David Miller, a state representative with a dental practice in Dolton — counters that “career politicians” such at Topinka are part of the reason the state’s in such bad shape. Miller, 48, says he’s not deterred by Topinka’s greater name recognition.

“First off, she only got 39 percent of the vote in the three-way race [for governor] against Blagojevich,” in 2006, Miller said. “It doesn’t mean her popularity turns into electoral success.”

With the state pension plan chronically underfunded, both candidates have made pension reform a key campaign issue.

Miller points to Topinka’s own “tre-mendously generous” pension as part of the problem. He says putting pension information online for the public to see is a step in the right direction.


Watch David on ABC7

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David Speaking to the 8th Ward Democrats

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Photo of the Day

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David in the News

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The Southern:

State Rep. Miller makes pitch for comptroller
CARBONDALE – If Illinois wants to put more transparency into its budget, state Rep. David Miller says it needs to be easier for the average citizen to read and understand.
Miller, Democratic candidate for comptroller, said people won’t begin to trust their government again until the state uses its resources and the power of technology to bring it to them in an open and honest form.
If elected, Miller promises to put in-depth budget information online within six months.
“I think the general public is in no mood to have a tax increase and no accountability of where it is going,” Miller said.
People can’t go online right now to find out how much the state spends in any specific area, Miller said. In an age where technology allows for that kind of access, Illinoisans deserve such an outlet, he said.
“The shell games have to end,” Miller said of gimmicks that have largely propped up state budgets since the days of ex-Gov. George Ryan.
Miller sees the comptroller as the state officer who should be the one to sound the trumpet on problems within the budget. He lauded the efforts of current state comptroller, Dan Hynes, but said the future of the office depends upon a more “visionary” approach.
Miller has been a state representative in the 29th District since 2001. A Lynwood resident, he is assistant majority leader of the House. He also continues to work as a dentist.

Join President Clinton for a Vote Illinois Rally

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