What Does the Comptroller Do?

Illinois’ Comptroller is elected by the voters of our state every four years. The Comptroller, the state’s Chief Fiscal Officer, is responsible for paying the state’s bills – ordering payments into and out of the state’s accounts. With Illinois’ budget deficit at record levels, it is more important than ever to elect a Comptroller who will be a fiscal watchdog and a careful manager of taxpayer dollars.

The Comptroller’s duties are outlined in Section 17 of Article 5 of the Illinois’ Constitution. In addition to making direct payments to employees and creditors of the state of Illinois, the Comptroller has the critical job of regulating cemeteries. The Comptroller is charged with the protection of cemetery care funds used for the care and maintenance of Illinois gravesites.

The Comptroller can ensure that only companies which play by the rules – respecting labor, environmental and ethics regulations — receive state funds. In addition to encouraging open and honest government, the Comptroller can also help protect and create jobs through the efficient management of state payments. Please click here to learn more about what I will do as Illinois Comptroller.

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